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Basic and Advance ...
2012 1st Clinical Meeting
14-15 April 2012
Breast Cancer in Young Women
Breast Caner Screening
Multi-specialty Medical Mega Conference Second Round (M3C 2.0)
Jointly organized with Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong

2012 2nd Clinical Meeting
11 May 2012
Clinical Utility of Genomic Profiling in Making Adjuvant Treatment Decisions in Early Stage Breast Cancer and Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ
Jointly organized with Society of Clinical Oncology

2012 3rd Clinical Meeting
14 July 2012
Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Forum: Towards the better outcome
Jointly organized with The University of Hong Kong Cancer Education and Research Centre

2012 4th Clinical Meeting
17 July 2012
Breast Cancer Sentinel Node Biopsy where are we now?
Jointly organized with Baptist Hospital

2012 5th Clinical Meeting
9 Nov 2012
Breast Cancer: Preoperative imaging
Jointly organized with Kwong Wah Hospital